SIG X14 x-roller metric series

Two solid section rings separated by 14mm crossed rollers, with the inner ring being geared. This series has a constant height of 56mm, and a standard range of external diameters ranging from 486mm to 1166mm.

All QCB® slewing rings are manufactured to the highest possible quality levels in ISO certified factories. A QCB® Quality Standard defines all aspects of their dimensions and tolerances as well as all aspects of manufacturing from materials properties, all stages of production, as well as packing and labelling.

Whilst the data on the site is updated regularly, we reserve the right to implement subtle changes to these standards in our quest for continual product improvement.


  • Industrial positioners (e.g. welding assemblies and jigs)
  • Ship or truck loading chutes and swivels
  • Stretch wrapping machines
  • Conveyors and other materials handling equipment
  • Simple amusement rides

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QCB ReferenceOutline dimensions & weight
DaDiUCda f9di H9



SIG 486 X14 01 AA LM486324415.5412.5484131
SIG 616 X14 01 AA LM616444545.5542.5614242
SIG 716 X14 01 AA LM716546645.5642.5714350
SIG 816 X14 01 AA LM816648745.5742.5814458
SIG 916 X14 01 AA LM916736845.5842.5914569
SIG 1016 X14 01 AA LM1016840945.5942.51014676
SIG 1166 X14 01 AA LM11669841095.51092.51164791
QCB ReferenceOuter holesInner holes20o spur gear
LanaLiniPmzFz MAX
mm mm mm KN
SIG 486 X14 01 AA LM460243752433556734
SIG 616 X14 01 AA LM590325053245667641
SIG 716 X14 01 AA LM690366053655869341
SIG 816 X14 01 AA LM7904070540660611041
SIG 916 X14 01 AA LM890408054075289455
SIG 1016 X14 01 AA LM9904490544856810755
SIG 1166 X14 01 AA LM1140481055481000812555
Standard grease fitting# at least 2x M8 on outer ring

Custom designs

  • Double drilled or custom drilling patterns
  • Higher precision bearings with location diameters
  • Reduced internal clearance (Class 5 & Class 6)
  • Black oxide or zinc plating for enhanced corrosion protection
  • Epoxy paint or even Nylon coated units to special order
  • Stainless steel or aluminium versions


From 2015 all SIGX14 Series slewing rings will be manufactured in 42CrMo4 steel. Smaller units are usually produced in 50Mn / C45.

Internal construction

Standard SIGX14 Series bearings incorporate plastic spacers, but ball spacers, steel or brass spacers, or even full complement and caged designs can be supplied for specific applications.


A land riding NBR (nitrile rubber) seal strip is standard. VITON seals can be supplied to order.


The SIGX14 Metric series has a standard 20° pressure angle, uncorrected spur gear cut into the inner ring.


QCB® Slewing rings are assembled with a small quantity of Lithium EP2 grease. It is important that all slewing rings are greased during installation and prior to operation. SIGX14 series slewing rings will usually have 4 or 6 grease nipples DIN 71412 M8x1 on the radial face of the outer ring. Sufficient grease nipples for all holes as well as Nylon plugs (to insert if a grease nipple is not required) are supplied with each ring.

Special greases can be supplied on demand as can GreaseMax Automatic Lubricators and Accessories.

Load & Bolt limit curves

If both a radial and an axial load act on the bearing these must be combines into a single equivalent load to enable basic selection from the load curves. The raceway limit is illustrated by the blue line, the red line illustrates the limit for the specified number of Grade 10.9 bolts.The load point should be well under the relevant load curve for long life.

Grade 8.8 bolts can be used but only after approval by our technical team.

Similarly if the load is suspended or the axis of rotation is not vertical please refer the application details to us and take advantage of our decades of experience!


QCB referencePDF PrintCAD.dwgMODEL.STP
SIG 486 X14 01 AA LMSIG 486 X14.pdfSIG 486 X14.dwgSIG 486 X14.STP
SIG 616 X14 01 AA LMSIG 616 X14.pdfSIG 616 X14.dwgSIG 616 X14.STP

SIG 716 X14 01 AA LM

SIG 716 X14.pdfSIG 716 X14.dwgSIG 716 X14.STP
SIG 816 X14 01 AA LMSIG 816 X14.pdfSIG 816 X14.dwgSIG 816 X14.STP
SIG 916 X14 01 AA LMSIG 916 X14.pdfSIG 916 X14.dwgSIG 916 X14.STP
SIG 1016 X14 01 AA LMSIG 1016 X14.pdfSIG 1016 X14.dwgSIG 1016 X14.STP
SIG 1166 X14 01 AA LMSIG 1166 X14.pdfSIG 1166 X14.dwgSIG 1166 X14.STP

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