NBC holds an extremely large and diverse range of bearing stock featuring all types, and from a wide range of manufacturers. Whether you prefer bearings from "leading brands" or are satisfied with more economical alternatives, NBC can accommodate your every requirement. If we don't have it we can source it!


We stock a broad range of bearing housings covering most requirements, and can advise on, and design, specials if required.

Power Transmission

We stock a huge range of power transmission components to catalogue specifications.

Trailer Rings

Trailer rings or turntable bearings are large diameter bearings primarily designed to allow the oscillation of trailer steering axles, but have found application in light duty industrial applications such as materials handling equipment and welding manipulators due to their low cost relative to true slewing rings. Trailer rings are ideally suited to light, concentric loads parallel to the axis of rotation. They are not suitable for applications where there are high overturning loads, suspended loads or in applications where the axis of rotation is not vertical. Trailer rings are NOT precision bearings.

Slewing Rings

Slewing rings carry large axial, radial and moment loads within a compact dimension envelope and are used in a wide range of industrial machines. Their use offers an elegant solution to the problem of load carrying, stability and power transmission.

Slew Drives

Slewing rings with integral worm shafts are becoming increasingly popular due to the simplicity of installation and are used in truck mounted cranes, access platforms, turntables, solar tracking devices, satellite communication systems, small wind turbines (yaw axis) and simple materials handling devices. NBC imports a range of standard ENCLOSED slew drives including the WGSE (helical gear/ worm shaft); WGWEA (worm gear/worm shaft); WGHSE (increased performance for modular transporters) and WGR (Rotation drives). Dual drive and the lighter OPEN gear systems (WGS) are catalogued but will be imported to order only. High precision and zero backlash units are similarly only imported against specific projects. NBC can offer various electric and hydraulic motors and gearboxes to suit.

Supplementary Products

Sundry products which either enhance the performance of our standard range or offer additional features which may tempt you...