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Performance enhancing greases

Many OEM's demand the best from their bearings. To ensure this NBC can supply lubricants from most major manufacturers and pre-lubricated bearings and slewing rings to satisfy this demand. Some examples below..

TOTAL CERAN grease range

This range embodies the very latest in grease technology. Based on a calcium sulfonate soap structure, CERAN has proved beneficial in bearings working in the most demanding of enviroments found in mines, quarries, crushing and screening systems, sugar cane crushers, concast plants and cement factories around the world.

For example: CERAN HV or XM 460 exhibits:-

  • A higher base oil viscosity compared to standard EP2 lubricants
  • A broader operating temperature range compared to standard EP lubricants
  • High mechanical stability
  • Superb resistance to emulsification in the presence of water
  • A higher operating speed range compared to standard EP2 greases with a limiting ndm of around 400 000

Stocked in 400gr cartridges, 18kg and 180kg drums, as well as in GreaseMax Autolubers, CERAN XM 460 supercedes CERAN HV.


Below some of the more common product downloads - please ask for others

The CERAN Grease range

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CERAN XM460 properties

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