SSUCP Series

Solid base pillow block bearings with SCO (open) or SCC (closed end) caps

QCB refDimensionsBolt size
mminchmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm kg
SSUCP 201 SB12 1/2125.533.3953715641913M100.65
SSUCP 202 SB15 5/8
SSUCP 203 SB17 11/16
SSUCP 204 SB20 3/4
SSUCP 205 SB257/815/161138.536.510537.51670.51913M100.79
SSUCP 206 SB301.3/161.1/416442.91214717832117M141.30
SSUCP 207 SB351.1/41.3/81.7/1616747.612747.517.5932117M141.6
SSUCP 208 SB40 1.1/218349.213753.51899.52117M142
SSUCP 209 SB45 1.5/81.3/41885414653.520105.52117M142.3
SSUCP 210 SB501.7/81.15/16220457.215959.522112.52520M162.7
SSUCP 211 SB55 22.1/8217.563.517159231252520M163.3
SSUCP 212 SB60 2.1/42.3/823969.818469251362520M164.7
SSUCP 213 SB65 2.1/226376.22036926.5149.53125M205.6
SSUCP 214 SB70 2.3/426379.421071261542925M207.3
SSUCP 215 SB75 327282.62177328161.53125M207.9
Bold insert sizes are standard stock sizesNon stock sizes are available to order

SUC insert limiting speeds

The limiting speed of any ball bearing insert is, for practical purposes, determined by the quality of fit between the inner ring and the shaft.

QCB RefShaft tolerance
SUC 2016700530038001400
SUC 2026700530038001400
SUC 2036700530038001400
SUC 2046000480034001200
SUC 2055600400030001000
SUC 206450034002400850
SUC 207400030002000750
SUC 208360026001900670
SUC 209320024001700600
SUC 210300022001600560
SUC 211260020001400500
SUC 212240018001200450

Setscrew tightening torque

The 2 setscrews should be tightened to the appropriate torque figure. Over tightening may result in a fracture developing in the inner ring.

Should the axial load be high, a small dimple in the shaft may improve the locking effect. For best effect the bearings should be mounted against a shoulder in the shaft.

SizeTorque (Nm)


QCB® Stainless Steel bearing units are made in high quality stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance.

All pillow blocks and flange units have a solid base and smooth exterior surface restrict the growth of bacteria.

bearing insertInner and outer ringsStainless steelAISI 440C
BallsAISI 440 C
Cage/retainerAISI 321
Flinger sealAISI 321
Set screwsSU 304
Rubber sealsNitrile rubber
HousingHousing bodyStainless steelAISI 440 C
Grease nippleAISI 304

Food Grade Lubricant

QCB® Stainless Steel SUC inserts are lubricated with KLUBER PARALIQ GA343 grease

ndm valueEnvironmental conditionsTemperatureRelubrication interval
< 40 000Clean-15 to +65 °C6 - 12 months
+65 to +100 °C2 - 6 months
< 70 000Clean-15 to +65 °C2 - 6 months
+65 to +100 °C1 month
AnyDirty / Water splashAny1 month

Operating temperature range

QCB® Stainless Steel inserts can operate in environments from -30 to + 120C

QCB Stainless Catalogue

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