SNK / SNH Series

The SNK/SNH series is the most popular housing form capable of accepting self -aligning ball bearings as well as spherical roller bearings. Shaft diameters from 20-140mm and a range of sealing options.

Plummer/Pillow block housings in grey cast iron are a common and simple way to support bearings in industrial machines.

The SNH/ SNK series (interchangeable with SNA, SNU, SNN, SNV and SNL housings from other manufacturers) is arguably the most common style and can accommodate metric shaft sizes from 20 -140mm and imperial shaft sizes from 1.3/16" - 3.7/16". A variety of sealing options is available. All housings are supplied with locating rings which may or may not be required in the application.

For even greater strength, spheroidal graphite cast iron and even cast steel housings are available to special order.

To ensure adequate lubrication in service consider use of the GreaseMax lubrication system.

Smaller bearings are usually fitted and set by tightening the locking nut by a set arc of movement. Larger bearings should be set to the correct radial internal clearance.

NBC Technical would be happy to advise on all aspects of selection, fitting and ongoing maintenance if required.


Dimensions for SNH/SNK housings

Lbf1 H13F H13D H7d2 H12d3 H12HA h12GEBvuSMass
SNK 50567465255231.539.57440191301652015121.45
SNK 506-60577525326236.544.58950221501852015122.02
SNK 508-60785605398051.559.510760251702052015122.89
SNK 50985605308556.564.510960251702052015122.93
SNK 510-6089060541906270.511360251702052015123.24
SNK 511-60995705441006775.5127.570282102552418164.51
SNK 512-610105705481107280.513370302102552418165.48
SNK 513-611110805511207785.5148.580302302752418166.52
SNK 515-612115805561308795.5154.580302302802418166.97
SNK 516-6131209055814092.5101175.595322603152822209.73
SNK 5171259056115097.5106183953226032028222010.35
SNK 518-615140100565160102.51111931003529034528222013.21
SNK 519-6161451006681701311412101123529034528222014.01
SNK 520-617160110670180137.5147.52151124032038032262416.33
SNK 522-619175120680200147.5157.52391254535041032262422.97
SNK 524-620185120686215157.5167.52711404535041032262427.94
SNK 526190130690230167.5177.52901505038044535282432.94
SNK 528205150698250177.5187.53021505042050042353038.62
SNK 5302201606106270192.5202.53231606045053042353046.97
SNK 5322351606114290202.5212.53441706047055042353059.06

Parts list for SNH/SNK housings

Shaft dHousingBearingsSleeveSealsEnd capLocating rings
20SNK 505 1205 KH 205U 505TS 505 U505 AFRB 52x52
2205 K22205 KH 305FRB 52x3.52
SNK 505-6051305 KH 305U 605TS 605 U506 AFRB 62x7.52
2305 KH 2305FRB 62x42
25SNK 506-6051206 KH 206U 506TS 506 U506 AFRB 62x82
2206 K22206 KH 306FRB 62x62
SNK 507-6061306 KH 306U 606TS 606 U507 AFRB 72x7.52
2306 KH 2306FRB 72x3.52
30SNK 507-6061207 KH 207U 507TSNG 507TS 507 U507 AFRB 72x8.52
2207 K22207 KH 307FRB 72x5.52
SNK 508-6071307 KH 307U 607TSNG 607TS 607 U508 AFRB 80x92
2307 KH 2307FRB 80x42
35SNK 508-6071208 KH 208U 508TSNG 508TS 508 U508 AFRB 80x10.52
2208 K22208 KH 308FRB 80x82
SNK 510-6181308 K21308 KH 308U 608TSNG 608TS 608 U510 AFRB 90x92
2308 K22308 KH 2308FRB 90x42
40SNK 5091209 KH 209U 509TSNG 509TS 509 U509 AFRB 85x5.52
2209 K22209 KH 309FRB 85x3.52
SNK 511-6091309 K21309 KH 309U 609TSNG 609TS 609 U511 AFRB 100x9.52
2309 K22309 KH 2309FRB 100x42
45SNK 510-6081210 KH 210U 510TSNG 510TS 510 U510 AFRB 90x10.52
2210 K22210 KH 310FRB 90x92
SNK 512-6101310 K21310 KH 310U 610TSNG 610TS 610 U512 AFRB 110x10.52
2310 K22310 KH 2310FRB 110x42
50SNK 511-6091211 KH 211U 511TSNG 511TS 511 U511 AFRB 100x11.52
2211 K22211 KH 311FRB 100x9.52
SNK 513-6111311 K21311 KH 311U 611TSNG 611TS 611 U513 AFRB 120x112
2311 K22311 KH 2311FRB 120x42
55SNK 512-6101212 KH 212U 512TSNG 512TS 512 U512 AFRB 110x132
2212 K22212 KH 312FRB 110x102
SNK 515-6121312 K21312 KH 312U 612TSNG 612TS 612 U515 AFRB 130x12.52
2312 K22312 KH 2312FRB 130x52
60SNK 513-6111213 KH 213U 513TSNG 513TS 513 U513 AFRB 120x142
2213 K22212 KH 313FRB 120x102
SNK 516-6131313 K21313 KH 313U 613TSNG 613TS 613 U516 AFRB 140x12.52
2313 K22313 KH 2313FRB 140x52
65SNK 515-6121215 KH 215U 515TSNG 515TS 515 U515 AFRB 130x15.52
2215 K22215 KH 315FRB 130x12.52
SNK 518-6151315 K21315 KH 315U 615TSNG 615TS 615 U518 AFRB 160x142
2315 K22315 KH 2315FRB 160x52
70SNK 516-6131216 kH 216U 516TSNG 516TS 516 U516 AFRB 140x162
2216 K22216 KH 316FRB 140x12.52
SNK 519-6161316 K21316 KH 316U 616TSNG 616TS 616 U519 AFRB 170x14.52
2316 K22316 KH 2316FRB 170x52
75SNK 5171217 kH 217U 517TSNG 517TS 517 U517 AFRB 150x16.52
2217 K22217 KH 317FRB 150x12.52
SNK 520-6171317 K21317 KH 317U 617TSNG 617TS 617 U520 AFRB 180x14.52
2317 K22317 KH 2317FRB 180x52
80SNK 518-6151218 KH 218U 518TSNG 518TS 518 U518 AFRB 160x17.52
2218 K22218 KH 318FRB 160x12.52
23218 KH 2318FRB 160x12.51
85SNK 519-6161219 KH 219U 519TSNG 519TS 519 U519 AFRB 170x182
2219 K22219 KH 319FRB 170x12.52
SNK 522-61922319 KH 2319U 619TSNG 619TS 619 U522 AFRB 200x131
90SNK 520-6171220 KH 220U 520TSNG 520TS 520 U520 AFRB 180x182
2220 K22220 KH 320FRB 180x122
23220 KH 2320FRB 180x9.71
SNK 524-62022320 KH 2320U 620TSNG 620TS 620 U524 AFRB 215x131
100SNK 522-6191222 KH 222U 522TSNG 522TS 522 U522 AFRB 200x212
2222 K22222 KH 322FRB 200x13.52
23222KH 2322FRB 200x101
110SNK 524-62022224 KH 3124U 524TSNG 524TS 524 U524 AFRB 215x142
23224 KH 2324FRB 215x101
115SNK 52622226 KH 3126U 526TSNG 526TS 526 U526 AFRB 230x132
23226 KH 2326FRB 230x101
125SNK 52822228 KH 3128U 528TSNG 528TS 528 U528 AFRB 250x152
23228 KH 2328FRB 250x101
135SNK 53022230 KH 3130U 530TSNG 530TS 530 U530 AFRB 270x16.52
23230 KH 2330FRB 270x101
140SNK 53222232 KH 3132U 532TSNG 532TS 532 U532 AFRB 290x172
23232 KH 2332FRB 290x101

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