Heavy duty trailer rings

A heavy duty series suitable for heavy loads and road going trailers

Manufacturers such as JOST, Roth Erde and BPW manufacture a range of heavy duty trailer rings, typically 80mm or 90mm tall suitable for heavy loads and road going trailers.

As these are usually supplied to OEM customers stock is limited, but we are happy to receive enquiries from OEM's and distributors for volume enquiries.

SeriesSizeLoadDimensions (mm)Weight
HEHE 43068570058856765767198032
HE 5508808957837628528661643
HE 6-1000601000101590388297298648
HE 6-10006510901105993972106010741852
HE 12-10007010901011886859960974109063
HE 12-1000 W100887784665
HE 128011001111986959106010741869
HE 12 W110897794672
HE 18-10001000101188685996097463
HE 18-1000 W100887784665
HE 1810011001111986959106010741869
HE 18 W110897794672
HE 1000-221000101188685996097463
HE 1000-22 W100887784665
HEHE 1100-2212011001111986959106010741869
HE 1100-22 W110897794672
SOSO 1000-24987100087184495296672
SO 1000-24 W73
HEHE 1200-221301200121110861059116011741876
HE 1200-22 W12081077104680
HE 1300-2214013001311118611591260127484
HE 1300-22 W13081177114689
SOSO 1100-2416010951108979952106010741882
SO 100-24 W83

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