V-Belt & Pulley Selection

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The following minimum information is required to allow selection of the correct V-belt system parts:-

  • Speed (rpm) of drive and driven shafts
  • Motor power (HP or KW)
  • Type of "prime mover" or motor and starting style for electric motors
  • Shaft diameter of drive and driven shafts (inch or metric)
  • Duty cycle (to allow selection of a suitable service factor)
  • Any dimensional constraints or expected center distance between shafts

Selection of service factor

SERVICE FACTORPrime mover & Working hours / day
Soft startsHeavy starts

AC-Star Delta; DC-Shunt wound; ICE > 4 cylinders; Dry or fluid couplings; soft start devices

AC-Direct online starts; DC Series & compound wound; ICE< 4 cylinders; Other

Duty levelType of driven machine<1010 - 16>16<1010 - 16>16
LightAgitators (uniform density); fans < 7.5 KW; centrifugal pumps1.
MediumAgitators (variable density) ; fans > 7.5 KW; pumps, generators; sawmills1.
HeavyReciprocating pumps; hammer mills; presses; shears; vibrating screens1.
ExtremeCrushers, ball mills1.

Design power = Motor power x service factor

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