WGR Rotation Drives

The WGR Rotation Drives consist of a worm shaft and gearing system with an integral pinion shaft, which will engage with any matching spur gear slewing ring to effect rotation. Both Metric and US spur gears can be supplied.

Two basic sizes have been developed and found successful application in the mobile crane industry, and simple materials handling devices.

Size Nominal output torque Ratio Weight

WGR 72

900 Nm 30:1 23 kg
WGR 110 1600 Nm 39:1 38 kg

WGR 114

2823 Nm 44:1 52 kg
  • The output is usually an integral pinion-shaft matched to a specific slew ring gear/ application and as such these units are only imported to order
  • QCB UK stocks the WGR 72 wit a stub shaft output to allow any pinion to be added
  • All subject to factory verification of suitability
  • Maximum output speed 16 rpm
  • Available in left or right hand motor drive side configuration

The dimension plans below indicate the basic dimensions of the WGR Rotation drives. Final part references will be discussed with clients as required.

WGR 72 General dimensions


WGR 114 General dimensions



Part numbering system

The final part number is dependent on input shaft size and required output gear. e.g.

Rotation driveSizeReduction ratioInput shaftHex head non drive sideRight hand motorPinion size

Input shaft options

Standard stock units are imported with 25mm input shaft for standard hydraulic motors.

ø12mm, ø14mm, ø16mm, ø20mm and a 6B Spline are optional

Installation and maintenance

Transportation and general handling

  • Avoid impact damage which may damage gear teeth and the factory preset backlash.
  • Clean the rotation drove using any cold solvent before installation

Mounting bolts

  • Grade 10.9 bolts with hardened washers is recommended
  • The use of spring washers is not recommended
  • Check bolt tightness after 100 hours of operation, thereafter at least annually during routine maintenance.


  • WGR rotation drives are factory filled with a lithium base EP grease suitable for operation in environments from -20°C to +120°C
  • The grease should be refreshed every 3 months by injection through one of the 2 grease ports on the housing, with old grease being expelled through the other, the choice of which will depend on the orientation of the unit in situ. The amount required is tabulated below.
  • Suitable grease equivalents include Total Multis EP 0 and Mobilux EP 0
WGR sizeWGR 72WGR 110WGR 114
Grease fill (ml)350 - 4001200 - 13001700 - 1800

WGR 72 Generic drawing

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WGR 114 Generic drawing

(PDF) 155.18 KB

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